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China will continue to cooperate with Russia, despite the US

CHINA / RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áNew US sanctions against Russia will not have an impact on trade and economic cooperation between Russia and China, official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng said at a briefing on Thursday.

“We have drawn attention to the relevant measures on the part of the US China has always opposed the use of unilateral sanctions in international relations, and we hope that Russia and the United States will be able to resolve their differences on the basis of mutual respect and equality.” Russia-China relations are stable and mature, the external environment is not can have an impact on them,” said Gao Feng.

Since the beginning of the year, bilateral trade is growing rapidly, cooperation in the investment sphere and strategic projects is developing.

“Trade between Russia and China since the beginning of the year shows a good start, and there is a hope that the trade turnover between the two countries this year will exceed $ 100 billion,” Gao Feng said.

The Chinese side intends to take measures to improve the structure of bilateral trade with Russia, actively expand trade in high-tech, and develop new forms of trade.

“We are ready together with the Russian side to increase the number of trade transactions to create a good platform for cooperation between regions and companies of the two countries,” said Gao Feng, quoted by RIA.

According to Chinese customs, China’s and Russia’s foreign trade turnover in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 28% to $ 23.06 billion.

The volume of trade between Russia and China increased by 20.8% to $ 84 billion by the end of 2017. China’s exports to Russia increased by 14.8% to $ 42.9 billion, imports from Russia increased by 27.7% to $ 41.2 billion