Chinese army is deploying its doctors to help fight the emerging coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — On Saturday, the Chinese army deployed its doctors in the newly emerging area of the Coronavirus virus, whose death toll rose while reaching Europe, with three confirmed cases recorded in France.

Of these three cases, at least two visited China recently, according to the French health authorities. They are receiving treatment in hospitals in Paris and Bordeaux (southwest), where they have been isolated. In addition to cases recorded in Asian countries, particularly in Japan and Thailand, a second case was reported in the United States.

The epidemic is spreading rapidly in his country of origin, with 1,300 cases recorded, including 41 fatal cases as of Saturday. China entered the Lunar New Year, the year of the mouse, in light of the spread of the Coruna virus that began in December from the city of Wuhan, which was de facto placed under quarantine.

On New Year’s Day, neither fireworks nor dragon dances, but the city streets in central China looked completely empty. It was rare for some passers-by who wore protective masks to cross as a matter of necessity in this city, according to an AFP team at the scene.

At the borders of the Quarantine, twenty kilometers east of the city center, cars that were trying to cross the highway fee center were forced to turn and return.

“Nobody can leave,” a policeman told France Press.

Wuhan authorities announced that they will ban unnecessary traffic from midnight on Sunday (16:00 GMT) in the city of 11 million people.

Trains and planes have been prevented from leaving the city since Thursday.

In addition to Wuhan, virtually every province of Hubei has become cut off from the world, which brings the isolated population to over 56 million, equivalent to nearly the entire population of South Africa.

At a downtown pharmacy, customers greeted employees wearing protective suits and gloves.

In one of the few stores still open, employees filled the shelves with cans of masks and antiseptics.

“People are trying to take cover,” a customer said. Expressing his reassurance in dealing with the epidemic, he said, “The government has taken control. There is no problem.”

237 critical cases

On Friday evening, the army sent three planes that landed 450 military doctors and other medical personnel, some of whom had experience fighting the Ebola and SARS epidemic, a disease similar to the emerging coronavirus that killed 650 people in mainland China and Hong Kong between 2002 and 2003.

Military doctors are supposed to be dispatched to city hospitals that receive a large number of people infected with viral pneumonia, according to the New China Agency.

With the overcrowding of hospitals, the construction of a hospital dedicated to receiving 1,000 people with HIV within ten days began Friday. It is supposed to open its doors on February 3, according to official media.

All but two of the deaths were recorded in Wuhan, or in the large Hubei Province it contains, with an estimated area of Syria.

Outside of Hubei, the authorities announced the imposition of procedures to detect injuries throughout the country.

The National Health Committee reported that stations will be installed to detect injuries and passengers who have symptoms of pneumonia “will be transferred” immediately to a health center.

The death toll is increasing daily, as it rose to 41 on Saturday from 26 Friday, while the number of injuries rose from 830 to 1287.

Of the total injuries, 237 are considered “critical”, according to the health authorities.

Most of the injured who have died so far are either over 65 years old or have previous illnesses.

Trump congratulates Beijing

In other Chinese cities, New Year celebrations were canceled, especially in Beijing. The capital and its restaurants were completely empty.

A large number of popular tourist sites, such as the Forbidden City, the old imperial palace, and sections of the Great Wall of China were closed in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Abroad, the first three injuries in Europe were announced Friday in France.

“We have the first European cases today, most likely because we did the tests quickly and we were able to detect them,” French Health Minister Agnes Bouzanne commented on the matter.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that Paris “intends” to secure buses so that the French in Wuhan can leave.

A second infection was confirmed in the United States, where US President Donald Trump praised Beijing’s efforts to try to contain the spread of the virus.

“China is working hard to contain the Corona virus. The United States really values their efforts and their transparency,” Trump wrote on Twitter, expressing his conviction that things would “go well”.

“In the name of the American people, I want to thank especially President Xi,” Jinping said.

When the SARS epidemic spread in the early 2000s, China, in particular, was accused by the World Health Organization of not reporting the first cases, which aggravated the crisis.

In Asia, injuries were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

Hong Kong announced Saturday the maximum health emergency on its soil, aiming to strengthen measures to combat the spread of the epidemic.


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