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Chinese exercises off Taiwan: a warning to his US rival

CHINA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áBy organizing spectacular naval exercises off Taiwan, Beijing shows the power of its navy to its Asian neighbors and sends a warning to his American rival.

Chinese naval forces crossed the waters of southern Taiwan and conducted military exercises in the Western Pacific.

Last weekend’s demonstration of force between China and Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean, a parade of 48 warships including Liaoning, the very first aircraft carrier built by Chinese arsenals, big impression.

J-15 fighters took off from Liaoning, the only operational aircraft carrier in China, on Friday to train in the area east of the Bashi Canal between Taiwan and the Philippines, the official newspaper of the Islamic Republic of Iran reported on Saturday. People’s Liberation Army.

The Chinese destroyers have carried out offensive and defensive exercises to test their abilities, said the PLA Daily .

China has intensified its military demonstrations in the region during the past week.

On Wednesday, the navy conducted live fire exercises in the Taiwan Strait, which according to the media is a direct response to Taiwan’s “provocations”.

Taiwan, which is claimed by Beijing as Chinese territory, accused China of “saber slamming” and conducted its own live fire exercises Tuesday on two Taiwan islands near China.

On Thursday, Chinese bombers flew over Taiwan.

Chinese maneuvers come at a time of heightened tension between Beijing and Taipei and follow Chinese President Xi Jinping’s strong warnings last month against Taiwanese separatism.

Xi chaired the largest military deployment of the navy this month in the South China Sea, which involved 76 fighter planes and a fleet of 48 warships and submarines.

Indeed, Beijing has a very negative view of the recent rapprochement between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and his American counterpart Donald Trump and made it known. This is the explanation of China’s recent military exercises not far from the coast of Taiwan.