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Cinderella’s Diary: 8 things in the house that you need to constantly change

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Housekeeping is not only cooking for the whole family, wet cleaning once a week and general cleaning once every two weeks. If you want to keep the apartment clean, it will be useful for you to know that some things in it require regular replacement, the need for which we often do not even suspect. And no, it’s not only sponges for washing dishes (although, of course, where without them), but also something more ambitious, Vesti reports.


The toothbrush needs to be changed once in 2-3 months – sure, you are well aware of this. But what you probably do not know is that the gadget for oral care needs to be changed after a flu or cold. “This will reduce the likelihood of re-infection, because the warm and moist environment in the bathroom is ideal for the spread of bacteria,” says Netmums dentist Ben Atkins.


If you comb your hair with the same brush for a long time, it can accumulate microbes and dirt. It will most likely not infect you, but as for the purity of the hair, problems can arise here. “Clean the brush at least once a week or buy a new comb every year,” advises hair stylist Jamie Stevens. The expert adds that hair from the comb is best removed with a hot soap solution, and microbes – a special disinfectant spray.


When you dip your feet in slippers at the end of a long day, you probably do not think about how much the conditions for them can be unsanitary. “You have to be sensitive to everything that comes into contact with your skin,” says Sally Bloomfield, a specialist in the field of hygiene. “That’s why slippers should be washed regularly, and replaced every six months.” Bloomfield adds that if you have ever had a fungal infection , you can infect yourself again. So it’s all very, very serious.

Sponges for washing dishes

And also for cleaning the bathroom, wet cleaning and much more. They, according to experts, should be updated every week to reduce any possible risks. Does not sound too convincing? Then whenever you think that the sponge is still clean, recall the researchers from the University of Furtwangen University, who found bacteria on 14 kitchen sponges belonging to 118 different genera.

Household chemicals

When it comes to cleaning products, such as gels, sprays and powders for cleaning the house, experts advise buying them about every three months (that is, the amount “for the whole family” may not be needed). The problem here is that if you do not use the tool during this period, it may not be effective when you want to use it. And this, something tells us, did not enter into plans.


The average person spends about 25 years in bed . Therefore, an incorrect mattress can seriously damage your health in the long term. According to The Sleep Council, you should buy a new mattress every eight years to ensure maximum comfort and comfort to your body at a time that is specially created for rest and relaxation.


Carpets can contain all kinds of bacteria – from the food spilled on them once to the tracks of street shoes – which can not be completely removed with a vacuum cleaner or “clever” foam to clean carpets. That’s why the carpet, experts say, is useful to change every 5-6 years. However, the regularity here depends on the type of carpet, as some of them attract more dirt. Sometimes you can get away with giving it a good clean to restore it a bit. You can try to clean it yourself but it’s tricky to do when you don’t have the right products, so your best bet is calling in a professional to do it, for example, a Lexington carpet cleaners service. Although you can get in contact with someone in your local area too.

Plastic containers

Important information for those who every day wears lunch for work in such a convenient and lightweight plastic container: do not forget to change it. If there are scratches on the container that you normally use, or if you regularly place it in a microwave oven, causing minor damage, the container can no longer be considered safe. But even in the case when the plastic containers, obviously, everything is in order, try to change them at least every 6 months.