Climate disasters: scientists disprove global warming

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — In the Canary Islands due to a sandstorm, almost four hundred flights were canceled and delayed. Visibility in many areas is zero. Gusts of wind reach 45 meters per second. Because of this, in the north of Tenerife they can not put out a large forest fire.

A minute of hail and from a tree are not just leaves, branches are torn off. People take refuge in cars: the iron roof still stands, and the glass is about to crack. A little more and the cracks turn into holes. The hood of the jeep was beaten off like a hammer. The offices can’t stand the roof.

Because of a severe storm in Australia, street lamps fell – people even went to the hospital. The pool is firing like buckshots. The wind carries chairs from the balconies. Roads, lawns dotted with huge hailstones. Five centimeters in diameter. Falling trees block people right in the cars.

After crazy storms, another outbreak of forest fires. In Australia, they have been raging for more than six months. In general, the air temperature in Australia has risen by about a degree since the beginning of the 20th century. However, should this be considered a sign of global warming?

Waking up hedgehogs, frogs jumping from branch to branch over the snow cover with bald spots, ladybugs, butterflies – Moscow winter, it turns out, was not the warmest.

In France, a new temperature record was set in February. People rest almost without clothes. On the beaches, people are often without clothes.

The heavy downpours hit always seemed sunny Dubai. The symbol of the city – luxury sports cars cut through the flooded highway.

In some places cars flooded the wheel, in others people rode through puddles on scooters, visiting workers mastered boats and canoes. Here two found a piece of wood and sat on chairs.

Buses, sidewalks are filled. In place of lawns, artificial lawns appeared. Fifteen hundred engineers pumped water from these Dubai lawns with special pumps, hundreds of machines worked around the clock. Heavy rain flooded the floors of some famous Dubai shopping centers.

Returning to the question of whether weather anomalies are evidence of global warming, scientists suggest looking at statistics for the past 50 million years and looking at the situation as a whole. Statistics show that in this period of time the global climate has a general tendency to cool.


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