Comey admitted that he assured Trump of the absence of an investigation against him

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Former FBI director James Comey admitted in his book that he assured US President Donald Trump in the absence of an investigation against him. He also compared the approximate Trump to the mafia “Cosa Nostra” and unflatteringly responded to the appearance of the American president, especially compared to his own.

Comey, fired by Trump with a scandal in May 2017, has repeatedly refused to say in the past whether an investigation is under way against Trump or not, while Trump publicly referred to Comey’s words that there was no such investigation. From the silence of the Comey, most media, especially those critical of Trump, concluded that the US president was under investigation for “collusion with Russia” in the elections.

“Sir, we are not conducting an investigation against you,” Comey quotes himself in a conversation with Trump on January 6, 2017.

Comey, in a book that appeared on Tuesday, describes the meeting about two weeks before the inauguration of the new president. At this meeting, the intelligence leadership told the elected head of state details of his assumptions that Russia intervened in the American elections, supporting Trump. Moscow categorically denies these accusations.

Then, according to Comey, he asked permission to talk with Trump face to face. He presented to the future president details of the scandalous compromising dossier compiled by the former intelligence officer of the United Kingdom, Christopher Steele, on the money of political opponents Trump. In this dossier it was stated, in particular, that Trump during his visit to Russia had fun with prostitutes in one of the Moscow hotels.

Comey claims that he and the FBI did not care if Trump was talking to prostitutes, but it was still worthwhile to inform the other about such assumptions.

According to Comey, Trump angrily denied such accusations from the dossier (Komi does not quote his exact words). According to the ex-director of the FBI, Trump asked him a rhetorical question whether he looked like a man who needed the services of prostitutes. Trump also mentioned a number of charges against him in sexual harassment, although Comey did not raise this issue.

“As he (Trump) began to make more and more excuses, and the conversation went to disaster, I pulled the trump from my sleeve:” Sir, we are not investigating against you. “It seemed to me that this calmed him down,” Comey writes.

During the same meeting, Trump expressed the hope that Comey will remain at the head of the FBI, and Comey assured that he intends to do so, the book says.

Comey writes about his discomfort when talking to the president and that Internal Security Minister Jay Johnson warned him to be “very careful” with Trump. According to him, Trump’s advisers who attended the meeting reminded him of the “Cosa Nostra” mafia that Comey dealt with when he was a federal prosecutor in New York.

Comey in his book also compares himself and the president, who is known for flattering his own appearance. In particular, Trump was outraged when he was teased because he had small hands. Comey writes that the President’s hands “do not seem unusually small,” although they are smaller than the hands of the Comey. In addition, Comey remarks that in life Trump seemed to him “lower growth than on TV debates.” The growth of Trump is 6 feet 3 inches (184 centimeters), and the growth of Comey is 6 feet 8 inches (203 centimeters).

In general, Comey describes Trump’s appearance as: “His face looked slightly orange, under his eyes there were bright white crescents in the place where, in my opinion, he was wearing small sun glasses.” His bright blond hair was carefully laid. , that all these hair are his own, “Comey writes. According to him, he wondered about how much Trump takes time to do every morning hair.

Finally, Comey was not impressed by the musculature of the president, who at one of the public meetings attached the director of the FBI. “He would not embrace anyone without being much stronger than he looked, but he was not much stronger,” Comey writes.