Coronavirus: how to deal with it in the Middle East

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — An emergency regime was introduced by the authorities of the US state of Washington. The day before, the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded there. The decision of the governor will allow the state to request additional funds from the federal authorities, as well as to attract the US National Guard.

In total, around 87 thousand people became infected with the coronavirus in the world, of which 80 thousand in China.

Boxes with masks and booklets with tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus. A group of Iraqi doctors arrived at a refugee camp in the north of the country to tell locals about disease prevention. 16 thousand people live here. And there is one hospital at all.

“We reassure people and give advice on washing our hands and maintaining hygiene. We advise you not to get in crowds, stay away from animals and wear masks. Cover your mouth when they sneeze. But the most important thing is hand washing, washing your hands with soap and hot water “Said Muawiya Yazdin, head of the awareness-raising group.

Living conditions in the camp can hardly be called sterile. Just washed linen is adjacent to the garbage.

“Honestly, we are very afraid that coronavirus will reach us. We ask you to bring us hygiene products, because our toilets are not clean. We want clean and sanitized water. We are all scared, “said Hedia Bakir, a resident of the refugee camp.

And if they are only afraid of an epidemic in Iraq, it has reached a much larger scale in neighboring Iran.

” In total, at least 205 cases of COVID infection have been confirmed in the last 24 hours -19. Unfortunately, nine of them died. The total number of confirmed cases from the first day to the present moment is 593, “said the spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health, Kianush Jahanpur.

The coronavirus has practically stopped life in Iran. Residents are trying not to leave home again. Business owners complain of a sharp drop in profits.

“Our sales fell ten times. We have far fewer customers than before. I’m talking not only about our own business. Due to the nature of my work, we have contacts with people from other companies and we hear the same from everyone “Our friends who supply us with daily materials also complain about a sharp drop in sales,” said cafe owner Shahab Shojai.

Subway cars, usually loaded at rush hour, are now barely half full. Queues except in the pharmacy.

“The Ministry of Health wasn’t prepared properly, but now it seems to have pulled itself together and brought together manufacturers of masks and disinfectants to deliver them to us through official and appropriate channels. They should have started this from today, and we hope that in the coming days we will be able to sell masks and disinfectants to people at their real price,” says pharmacist Dr. Peyman Mansouri.

And at the epicenter of the disease, the situation is improving every day . Doctors of the Celestial Empire have successfully cured more than half of the cases. Improvements are recognized in the World Health Organization.

“We have seen evidence from China that this virus can be curbed. Therefore, the future of this epidemic is in the hands of the virus. It is in our hands,” says Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO emergency health program.

Doctors try to keep patients in good shape. In the hospitals in the morning they carry out general exercises. Every day, nurses find new ways to cheer patients. Sometimes dancing, sometimes creativity.

“Seeing these funny drawings created by us, the patients were optimistic. They were surprised. A good mood helps to cure the disease,” says Liu Chenxi, a medical support team member from Liaoning Province.

Outside of China, however, it is hard to believe in a speedy deliverance from the virus. Over the past night, more than 6 thousand people were infected outside the country. And this number only continues to grow.


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