Coronavirus in Italy: Enough with Fake News, we tell you the truth

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — “Quite fake news. We tell you the truth about coronavirus in Italy. In 7904 Italian municipalities only 10 of them have been affected by the epidemic that make up 0.05% of the national territory , and 0.089% of the general population are in quarantine.”

This was the motive that Italian Foreign Minister Luigi DI Maio and Health Minister Roberto Speranza, accompanied by two Directors of the Italian National Institute of Infectious Diseases Spallanzani in Rome, requested a meeting with foreign media reporters and reporters in Italy, including RTV Time.

The purpose of this conference is to provide accurate information on the situation of coronavirus in Italy.

“We want,” said Head of Italian Diplomacy Luigi Di Maio, “” that public opinion in the countries you represent is familiar with the real situation of coronavirus in Italy. ”

“Through the Italian embassies around the world, he said, they are informing every day with the correct and regular report of all the governments of your countries on the true situation of coronavirus in Italy. If our children go to schools, and foreign entrepreneurs, tourists anyone can come to Italy, as Italy is coping well with this situation and only a very low percentage of the population and territory is affected by this virus.”

“Italy ,” he said, “” from the very first moment this disease appeared, decided to deal with it transparently, as it is the best way of reliability of a country.”

Italian ministers informed that today they have good news to give. All patients hospitalized with coronavirus at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases have been cured.

The head of Italian diplomacy drew attention to how the world is spreading misinformation about what is happening in Italy, damaging the country’s economy. the influx of tourists, the made in Italy brand, and the reputation of Italian science and medicine experts.

“For all those countries that recommend not traveling to our country I want to inform, said Di Maio ” that the virus outbreaks in Italy are 2; there are several municipalities in Lombardy and one in Veneto. In Veneto this municipality constitutes 0.2% of the regional territory and 0.1% of the national territory, while in Lombardy, the municipalities affected by the coronavirus are 5% of the regional territory and 0.4% of the national territory. ‘

Currently in Italy there are 40-50 thousand citizens, included in municipalities where positive people with coronavirus have been verified, out of 60 million which is the total number of Italian population and this fact constitutes 0.089% of the total Italian population.

So far, 10,000 tampons have been executed in Italy to analyze the virus and not the virus, and according to Italian ministers, it is the country that carried out the largest number of such analyzes.


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