Coronavirus in Italy: the only effective measure is isolation of territories

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Austria suspended railway communication with Italy due to the threat of coronavirus. Before that, an Italian train was not allowed into the country – two passengers complained of a high temperature. Meanwhile, in Italy itself, three people have already become victims of the coronavirus.

The number of infected exceeded one and a half hundred. In Venice, the carnival was completed ahead of schedule. Quarantine declared in Lombardy and Veneto. Without special permission, you cannot leave areas where there is a virus.

The tiny Codonjo – 15 thousand people – today is like eleven millionth Wuhan. Closed, sealed, hidden behind the shutters. This is the “red zone” – the military doesn’t let anyone out, they don’t let anyone in, but no one even thinks to go out.

Schools in the north are closed, large-scale production is ordered to stop. There, from where it all began, in Lodi province in two days – 50 sick.

Italy never figured out who he is – the “zero” patient, from which global local infection began. But it doesn’t matter. This is a snowball, because only patient number 1 – the first who was diagnosed with coronavirus – infected two dozen people.

He led an active life during the incubation period, ran a half marathon, dined with friends four times, drank coffee in the same bar every morning. This is what he honestly told the investigation, but not everything can be tracked, because in the last day two elderly people died from the virus and the diagnosis was made after death.

The last victim generally died at home.

At an emergency meeting, Prime Minister Conte announces emergency measures.

“We decided that we would ban entry and exit to places where outbreaks were recorded. Mass events and training activities were postponed in these areas. The Minister of Sports announced that all sporting events in the Veneto and Lombardy regions had been postponed.”

Infected already not only in Lombardy – Piedmont, Veneto. Carnival has been canceled in Venice. Emilia-Romagna – no public events, no. Series A games rescheduled. The last shows at Milan Fashion Week go without spectators. La Scala gives nothing – no performances.

“We and the health authorities could not find a null patient. He has not yet been identified, so it is difficult to make predictions about the spread of the virus. The only concrete measure that can be taken is isolation of the territories,” says Angelo Borelli, head of the National Civil Defense Service of the country.

To stop the outbreak, Italy is ready to take extreme measures, but in a country where it is customary to visit parents on weekends, it is too late to isolate the regions. The virus is already in the very north – on the border with Switzerland, which is not going to close the border yet. But such suggestions already sound.


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