Coronavirus recommendations released in Italy

ITALY (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The World Health Organization does not impose restrictions on travel and trade and emphasizes the absence of the need to annul or amend their travel plans, the press service of the Italian National Tourism Agency (ENIT) said.

Following simple hygiene rules can prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Like other respiratory diseases, a new infection can cause mild symptoms, such as a cold, sore throat, cough and fever, or more serious symptoms, such as pneumonia and shortness of breath. Fatal outcome is extremely rare.

Elderly people and those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are most susceptible to severe forms of the disease.

‚ÄúCoronavirus can be transmitted in close contact with people who have symptoms (coughing, sneezing, colds), but cannot be transmitted by air. If you are near a person who has symptoms of a respiratory illness, WHO recommends keeping a safe distance of one.”

The virus resides on the surface for about 30 minutes, so it is advisable to wash your hands often or use alcohol-based disinfectant gels.”

The agency argues that the WHO recommendations for coronavirus are very similar to the tips for regular seasonal flu.

The usual preventive measures should be applied, in particular, when sneezing and coughing, close the nose and mouth with the elbow or use a disposable handkerchief, keep your hands clean and process food in accordance with normal hygiene rules.


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