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Coronavirus spreads across EU: northern Italy is quarantined

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Seven Russians from the Diamond Princess cruise ship , who were evacuated to Vladivostok, have no signs of coronavirus. They were quarantined (lasting fourteen days) in an infectious diseases hospital under round-the-clock supervision of doctors.

The whole group is doing well. According to doctors, the temperature did not rise in anyone.

There are more and more cases in the world. In Iran, almost a hundred. Among the infected and the Deputy Minister of Health. Authorities urged residents not to leave their homes.

The Turkish Airlines plane flying from Tehran to Istanbul was urgently planted in Ankara – one of the passengers was suspected of having an infection.

The first cases of infection were detected in Switzerland, Croatia and Austria. Italy became the focus of the spread of the virus in Europe. Due to an infected Italian tourist, they quarantined the hotel in Tenerife, Spain. A thousand guests, including Russians, are blocked.

Today, the virus was found in a resident of Barcelona, ​​who returned after a trip to Italy. Our embassy in Rome strongly recommends to refrain from visiting those regions of the country where the disease was detected.

Not a virus, but so far only news about it has reached the capital of Italy. In line at the Vatican some masked tourists. There would be much more – there would be masks in pharmacies!

“There are no masks, no gel” – pharmacies post ads at the entrance so that visitors do not ask useless questions. Tourists in Italy may soon disappear – vouchers are refused throughout the world. There are already three hundred sick, seven dead – the statistics are very similar to the Chinese. At risk are men who are elderly with pathologies.

In quarantine and in the “cancel all” mode – the north of the country. Schools, museums do not work, Serie A matches will be held without spectators, bars are closed after six in the evening.

“If you dramatize the situation, escalate the panic, the result will be various negative effects that will not help us at all. We must act to contain the infection. Human health is our most valuable asset,” commented Giuseppe Conte, Chairman of the Italian Council of Ministers.

The hunt for “patient zero” continues, but it is already clear where we overlooked. Prime Minister Conte publicly accused the hospital in Codogno of violating the protocol. A patient who, for some reason, was infected, but later became a reference point, was sent home with an antibiotic. He returned there later and already in the ambulance. Eleven towns in Lombardy are closed for entry and exit.

Nevertheless, the virus was missed – in the last day one case was recorded in Palermo, two in Florence, one in Liguria.

In Tenerife, a thousand tourists, including Russians, were sent to quarantine and take tests. This is the whole hotel where the Italian rested for a week, the analysis of which gave a positive result. According to hotel guest Hannah Christensen, they are healthy, but they don’t know whether they came into contact with that infected person or with someone else who might be infected.

Neighbors were also not in vain worried – in a detention center in Croatia, a patient who had recently returned from Milan , passed an analysis, the result of which was positive. Two cases have been recorded in Austria.

In Brussels, diplomatically asked the Italian MEPs to quarantine and work remotely. Airplanes and international trains are knocked out of schedule – control at the borders with Italy has been imposed almost everywhere.

The main thing is that it no longer breaks out somewhere else, but all that remains is to pray at home, at the TV. The Vatican joined the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 . Mass is not recommended – Sunday services will be broadcast.


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