Countries and regions affected by the emerging coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A list of countries that have reported new SARS-like infections since it appeared in the Chinese (central-eastern) city of Wuhan in December 2019.


5,974 people in China have been confirmed infected, of whom 132 have died, according to the latest toll on January 29.

Most of the victims in Wuhan, in Hubei Province, are the epicenter of the disease.

Ten cases have been registered in the Hong Kong Autonomous Republic, most of whom had visited Wuhan recently.

Seven cases were reported in Macau, which is frequently visited by mainland China. The first case was discovered on January 22 by a 52-year-old woman who arrived in this special administrative region of China three days ago by train from the neighboring Chinese city of Jihai.

Asia Pacific


On January 28, the authorities announced 14 confirmed cases in Thailand. It is the most affected country after China. The injured Chinese, with the exception of Thai, in the 73rd arrived from Wuhan this month.


Eight injuries have been reported in Taiwan so far, the last of which was for Chinese, who arrived on the island on January 22 with a group of tourists.


Singapore has so far confirmed ten people infected with the virus, all from Wuhan.


Japanese health authorities confirmed on January 28 that they had discovered a seventh injury, one of them to a person who had not recently traveled to China.

The patient, sixty, drove vehicles carrying tourists from Wuhan earlier in January. A woman working as a tour guide on the bus was also infected.


Seven injuries were confirmed and hospitalized, with stable condition.


Seven injuries were reported in Malaysia, all of them Chinese on vacation from Wuhan.

South Korea

South Korean media reported Monday that four cases were recorded, including three Chinese and a South Korean, all coming from Wuhan.


Vietnam confirmed two injuries. It is for Chinese, a man who arrived from Wuhan on January 13 and his son who lives in Ho Chi Minh and was infected.


On January 27, the Cambodian Ministry of Health announced the first case of a 60-year-old man from Wuhan.


The first injury was announced on January 24 in Nepal, to a 32-year-old man who returned from Wuhan on January 9, who received treatment and was discharged from hospital.

Sri Lanka

The country’s first case was confirmed on January 27 and is a 43-year-old Chinese tourist from Hubei Province.

The Americans.

United State

The United States confirmed five injuries to people “all traveled directly to Wuhan,” according to the authorities.


Canada announced the first infection on Monday of a man who returned from Wuhan to Toronto, possibly transmitting the infection to his wife, whose infection has not been confirmed yet. It confirmed the injury of a man who had also recently arrived from China on Tuesday.



Four confirmed cases of emerging coronavirus. The first three injuries, the first in Europe, were confirmed on January 24, one in Bordeaux and the other in Paris. The three had traveled to China recently.

The fourth case was declared on January 28 by a Chinese tourist who was taken to hospital in Paris in serious condition.


Wednesday’s first injury confirmed to a Chinese tourist from Wuhan


Four cases in Bavaria, they were taken to hospital. They are employees of a company where the first case was discovered. Health authorities said that one of them received an infection from one of his Chinese colleagues during a rehabilitation session, which constitutes the first human infection on European soil.

Middle East

The United Arab Emirates

At least four injuries were confirmed Wednesday, all of them from a Chinese family from Wuhan.


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