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Court ordered Copperfield to reveal the secret of the focus with the disappearance of people

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRepresentatives of the magician illusionist David Copperfield were forced to disclose the secret of the trick with the disappearance of people at the request of the court, the Associated Press reported.

It is noted that British citizen Gavin Cox appealed in court in 2016 after he was injured while participating in the Copperfield show in Las Vegas in 2013. Coke fell and injured, taking part with 10 other spectators in a stunt with a disappearance. Cox said in court that he spent more than $ 400,000 on treatment.

In court, Copperfield’s producer Chris Kenner was forced to tell that when performing the trick, spectators were led along the secret path through the kitchen of the entertainment complex to the street. From there, the spectators are already returning to the hall at the right time.

The consideration of the claim continues.

In 2015, it was reported that Copperfield flooded its neighbors in a New York skyscraper on 30 floors.