Covid-19 outbreak increases in the European Union and recedes in China

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — China has recorded a decrease in the number of new infections with the emerging coronavirus, while the spread of the epidemic is accelerating in the rest of the world, as the European Union raised the level of its resulting risk and increased the number of cases in the United States that have remained relatively free from the disease so far.

A few days ago, signs were emerging of a decline in the epidemic in China, where over 50 million people have been severely quarantined since the end of January.

However, eastern Xinjiang Province announced that seven Chinese people returning from Italy are carrying the virus, adding to fears that the disease will be imported again from abroad.

Nationally, the authorities counted 125 new infections on Tuesday, the lowest daily count since January 21, before quarantining the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus.

According to figures from the Chinese authorities, the new corona virus caused the death of an additional 31 patients, all in Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan, raising the total toll in China to 2,943 deaths.

The outcome of the epidemic on Monday exceeded three thousand deaths in the world while its spread is accelerating outside China.

In South Korea, which records the second highest toll after China, the total number of injuries on Tuesday approached five thousand, as the authorities announced 477 new injuries, and two additional patients were reported dead, bringing the number of deaths to 28.

As for Saudi Arabia, which was until now the only one among the Gulf countries that did not record any infection on its soil, the two reported a first infection with a newborn corona by a person returning from Iran, where the death toll from the virus reached 66, the highest after China.

The Canadian health authorities asked the two travelers from Iran to voluntarily isolate themselves in their homes for 14 days even if they did not show any symptoms of the disease, and also advised Canadian citizens to avoid any unnecessary trip to Iran and the regions of northern Italy affected by the epidemic, while announcing Canada Monday evening, 27 injured.

The European Union has raised its assessment of the seriousness of the virus from “moderate” to “moderate to high”, with the latest toll reaching 2,100 confirmed infections in 18 member states.

Health ministers from the European Union hold an extraordinary meeting on Friday in Brussels.

In Italy, the most affected country in Europe, the number of deaths exceeded the threshold of fifty deaths, and the country is now officially divided into three regions, including the “red zone” subject to quarantine and includes 11 northern towns with a total population of more than fifty thousand people.

– “By the fall” vaccine? –

In France, where several activities were canceled and the famous Louvre Museum remained closed, a third death was recorded in a 89-year-old woman who was diagnosed with her condition after her death in the Compiegne Hospital.

In the United States, four deaths were recorded on Monday, raising the total number of deaths on US soil to six. I also counted more than ninety injuries, and half of the injured were people who were returned from abroad.

It is striking that a number of patients who were diagnosed with infection in recent days had no known link to any of the epidemics, which suggests that the disease began to spread internally on American soil.

In an effort to reassure Americans, Vice President Mike Pence, who coordinates the fight against the epidemic, announced that treatment may be reached “by the summer or early fall,” noting that initial clinical trials of the vaccine may take place “within the next six weeks.”

Threat to the economy –

On Tuesday, the governors of central banks and finance ministers in the Group of Seven countries are holding telephone talks to coordinate their action on the consequences of the epidemic on global economic growth.

This mobilization is recorded at a time when global growth is suffering from the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the effects of the emerging Corona virus, which was mainly fragile by the trade war between China and the United States.

Last week, the New York Stock Exchange knew the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis, but Wall Street returned and recorded a remarkable recovery on Monday, as investors awaited that monetary authorities in major countries put a coordinated response to ease the impact of the epidemic on the economy.

The main Asian exchanges opened on Tuesday, with the Nikkei, the main index in the Japanese stock market in Tokyo, increasing by 0.84%, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange increased by 1.21% in the first trading.

However, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut its interest rates on Tuesday to its lowest historical levels, and its main interest rate fell to 0.50% compared to 0.75% previously, in an attempt to absorb the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the economy.

On Monday, Nike announced the closure of its European headquarters near Amsterdam until Wednesday, after a staff member was diagnosed with Covid-19.

About 2,000 employees from eighty countries work at the European Nike headquarters in Hilversum, about thirty kilometers from the Dutch capital.


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