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Assad: Damascus ready at any cost to release citizens from the captivity of the militants

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe release of all citizens from the captivity of terrorists is a national task, and the Syrian leadership at all costs is ready to fulfill it, said Syrian President Bashar Assad at a meeting with relatives of prisoners who did not find their loved ones among the released on the eve.

On the night of Tuesday, the Syrian national agency SANA reported that the last group of people captured by militants of the radical group “Jays al-Islam” * had left the city of Dumah *. As the political scientist and adviser to the Syrian Information Minister Ali Al Ahmad told earlier, the Syrian leadership assumed that there are about 5,000 prisoners in the Duma, but in fact, the militants were handed over to only 200 people, the rest were allegedly killed by the militants.

“The release of the abducted is not a humanitarian problem, it is also a national one … We have not neglected any missing or stolen people … And if he is still alive, we will free him, whatever the price of the task,” the Assad press service quotes the press service of the palace President.

The head of the Syrian state noted that the release of the prisoners from the Duma could not have been possible had it not been for the sacrifices made by the Syrian army in the release of each of the prisoners.

“The question of prisoners is a paramount task for the Syrian state in all its institutions, and it will make every effort to learn about the fate of everyone missing,” Assad said.