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Death toll in the wreck of a military aircraft in Algeria has increased to 257

ALGERIA (OBSERVATORY) – The death toll in the wreck of a military aircraft in the north of Algeria could reach 257, according to the Algerian television channel An-Nahar.

According to the television channel, on board the fallen IL-76 aircraft were 247 military and ten crew members. According to preliminary information, they all died.

The aircraft of the Armed Forces of Algeria was wrecked on Wednesday morning in the Bufarik airport of Blida province in the north of Algeria. The crash happened just a few minutes after takeoff. The plane fell in the area of ​​agricultural fields and caught fire. Eyewitnesses report that the liner flew at a very low altitude, the right engine burned. The liner especially damaged the front of the fuselage. On site there are 14 firefighters, about 30 ambulances, 300 rescuers.

It is not yet reported whether there are survivors. Sources at the site of the crash report that one victim was found, but not from the number of passengers. Perhaps this person was on the ground at the time of the crash. It is reported that the victim is in critical condition.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense set up a commission to investigate the circumstances of the crash of a military aircraft.