Democrats decide to hit Trump’s migration policy

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Democratic presidential candidates have redoubled their efforts to oppose Trump’s immigration policies, supporting asylum cities, refusing to cooperate with ICE regarding detainees, and other issues.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration wins trials on its travel ban orders. And now it is expanding the number of countries obeying an executive order. Both parties believe that voters are on their side. Including in a new battle in New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Green Light Act, allowing undocumented people to get a driver’s license.

This caused a serious confrontation with the Department of Homeland Security, which promises to suspend registration with the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP).

When lower courts decided on the administration, substantial attention was given to litigation regarding the travel ban. The trial was extended after an order, poorly written and poorly defended.

This order underwent a number of changes, but, as noted in court, the main lawsuit of the executive branch remained unchanged. Some believed that the administration would ultimately win, and criticized the decisions of lower courts, including their dependence on campaign statements and President Trump tweets. Ultimately, the Supreme Court overturned the court orders and made it clear that the administration would prevail over these fundamental requirements.

The last travel ban on the Trump administration, announced on January 31, affected 6 countries: Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria – they do not have permission to change immigrant visas to permanent visas.

Sudan and Tanzania – will be deprived of “diversification visas” that are open to countries with historically low immigration.

As all six countries have a high Muslim population, criticism of religious discrimination will intensify. This is guaranteed to lead to a dispute just before the 2020 election. This will imply at least one decision of the Supreme Court in this area and a series of decisions of the courts of appeal.

Democrats remain committed to their course of immigration. Cuomo signed the Green Light Act and joined 14 other states and Washington, allowing undocumented people to obtain a driver’s license.

However, the Department of Homeland Security is against the law. So, the acting Minister of National Security Chad Wolf announced that about 800 thousand people will be suspended from participation in the TTP over the next 5 years. Nearly 90,000 New Yorkers will be denied the opportunity to participate in programs such as Global Entry. Often, changes are not possible until the renewal date of such programs.

As in the case of refuge cities, for travel bans, 2020 will be decisive for immigration policy, which is an unprecedented case in modern political history. The only thing that is clear: someone is very wrong.


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