Diamond Princess passenger talks about coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Shortly after leaving the Diamond Princess, an American was diagnosed with coronavirus and hospitalized. He shared the story of his illness and treatment with the Washington Post, as well as his thoughts on the epidemic.

Infected with the coronavirus, a passenger on the liner Diamond Princess recounted how he had been infected by the Covid-19 and how he was treated in quarantine. Her testimony was published in the Washington Post.

The sixty-year-old man, who owns the American radio station KHTS, says he has been infected with the virus aboard the Diamond Princess, the ship that was quarantined for two weeks by Japanese authorities. He still felt good when he left the liner with his wife.

The spouses left for the United States on a US government aircraft.

First symptoms

During the flight, Mr. Goldman began to cough, then fell asleep. After waking up, he felt unwell. The man headed toward the rear of the aircraft where a special quarantine area had been established.

A temperature test revealed that he had 39.5 Celsius of fever. The Goldman spouses and several other infected persons on board the liner were transported to the University of Nebraska hospital.

The man was put on a stretcher, “which made the scene very dramatic,” because he could easily have walked on his own, he says.

He was placed in a biological control unit, an enclosed space with an insulated heavy door. Cameras installed in this area provided permanent video surveillance. According to Goldman, this coin was last used in 2014 during the Ebola epidemic.

Tests and treatment

The Covid-19 diagnostic tests carried out in the hospital were positive. According to Carl Goldman, the doctors who took his samples looked like actors from the film The Variety Andromeda: they wore protective suits closed by an adhesive tape and equipped with air circulation motors.

The patient’s wife also tested, but the result was negative.

The man was treated with intravenous injections of magnesium and potassium. When his temperature was above 37.8 Celsius, he took ibuprofen.

At the present time, Carl Goldman is still positive for Covid-19 but has been transferred to a regular hospital room. His condition being stable, he does not need to receive much medical care and he can work remotely on his computer.

He admits that he is astonished to see people panicking because of the epidemic of the disease which he had, in particular “of the press conferences, the closing of schools and the collapse of the stock markets”.

“The coronavirus will probably spread to the United States, but panic will not help anyone,” he concluded.

Considering that the disease affects the elderly and frail par excellence, he suggests not to consider it as a terrifying disaster. “Based on my experience, I would advise everyone to buy a good digital thermometer,” he said.

Victims on board the liner

3,711 people (including 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew members) were on board the Diamond Princess liner. The coronavirus has killed at least six people, while more than 540 cases of contamination have been identified. The quarantine lasted 14 days, and the passengers began to leave the ship on February 19.


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