Djukanovic won the presidential election in Montenegro

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe leader of the ruling coalition, Milo Djukanovic, won the presidential election in Montenegro, according to the information of the State Electoral Commission (GEC) of Montenegro after processing 97.23% of ballots in the first round of voting.

Djukanovic received 54.15% of the vote, and his closest rival non-partisan Mladen Boyanich scored 33.24% of the vote. The third place was taken by Dragina Vuksanovich with 8.19% of the vote. In total, according to the GEC, turnout was 63.98%.

The final data should be published within a week, however, according to the head of the GEC of Montenegro Budimir Saranovic, these data will not significantly change.

During the pre-election campaign, Djukanovic advocated the continuation of the Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro, while also expressing readiness to build friendly relations with Russia.

His supporters also announced that they intend to normalize relations with Moscow.