Does Putin have a double?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — For many years now, there has been a legend about the doubles of the president of the country, who supposedly take on part of his duties. In a recent interview, Vladimir Putin clarified these assumptions.

Needless to say, the day of the head of state is scheduled literally in minutes: flights, meetings, events, solving certain problems in the regions … Sometimes Vladimir Vladimirovich is torn to pieces, but, as they say, the situation is binding. Despite being busy, Putin is always at the right time in the right place. But to the question of whether there is a person who, like two drops, looks like him and takes on part of the tasks, the president today answers in the negative.

“No, I gave up the doubles. It was in the most difficult times of the fight against terrorism, ”said the 67-year-old politician.

But not only this fact surprised many residents of the country. As it turned out, Putin for some reason does not use modern gadgets.

“This is technical progress, it is impossible to stop it. And it is not necessary. We are not going to do this. I’m comfortable because I don’t use anything,” he adds.

Citizens are concerned not only with technological progress and the preferences of the president. The question of the so-called brain drain abroad was also nagging. Vladimir Vladimirovich reassured all concerned, noting that good workers began to look less and less for their place in the sun away from their homeland.

“Our outflow of specialists has decreased. In general, the fish is looking for – where it is deeper, and the man – where is better. Famous saying. But a highly skilled workforce, so to speak, or high-class workers are looking for the best place to apply their knowledge, abilities and skills. That’s all. The state should create conditions in order to attract high-class specialists,” Putin emphasizes in an interview with TASS.

By the way, the politician is ready to speak on any topic, but the discussion of his personal life is a taboo for him. The president’s associates are silent about this.

“This is something that you better not know. A person should have a private life, this is his right. He has the right to keep it inside himself. Some of the leaders believe that it should be public, while Putin is hidden – from my eyes for sure. Honestly, I don’t know anything about this. I don’t consider it possible to be interested in this,” the politician’s chronicler, Andrei Kolesnikov, recently explained.


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