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Dozens of countries recall ambassadors from Israel and US after “bloody Monday” in Gaza

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The number of deaths as a result of the clashes in Gaza increased to 59, the wounded – more than three thousand. Bloody Monday has already been called the real result of US policy.

On the eve of the state officially transferred their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Simultaneously with the opening ceremony of the department, riots erupted on the border.

Tens of thousands of angry Istanbul residents raise banners over their heads, chant slogans and burn American flags. They demand that Washington cancel the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, stop interfering in the affairs of other states, and finally leave the Middle East alone.

Indignant now in Europe. The most massive anti-American processions are in Greece. The townspeople poured into the streets of Athens. They accuse the United States of fomenting conflict and call the relocation of the diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a provocation.

The wave of rallies swept across the ocean. A crowd of demonstrators surrounded the White House. In their hands, models of window frames and doors of cardboard as a symbol of the so-called “embassy of freedom.” According to activists, the United States began to play, and it seemed as if they had forgotten that the innocent people were at stake.

Almost sixty people became victims of the clashes in Gaza. Street fights began in parallel with the ceremonial opening ceremony of the embassy.

The border between Israel and Palestine was covered with smoke, the demonstrators burned tires, demolished barriers, threw bottles with a combustible mixture into the cordons. The Israeli military met the demonstrators with reciprocal fire.

Conflict in the region under personal control took in the UN. But in Washington it is not accepted to reckon with the authority of the largest international organization.

The Americans blocked a resolution on the investigation of the events in Gaza before it was brought to discussion. Because of their policies and reckless actions, Americans risk losing allies. One after another, Western countries recall ambassadors from Israel and the United States.

A few hours later, a new wave of protest marches is expected on the border of the Gaza Strip. This time, a multi-million-dollar action is not ruled out.

Tel-Aviv beforehand transferred all power structures to high alert mode. The military, police and special services were sent to disperse the demonstrators.