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East Ghouta: Displacement continues under Russian police control

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Al-Jazeera correspondent in Syria reported that the Russian military police began to carry out the tasks of maintaining security in the city of Duma in the eastern Ghouta under the agreement with the Army of Islam faction, whose spokesman confirmed that the city will be run by Chechen police and that the regime forces will not enter it.

Russian patrols in the city include policing and preventing any incidents against civilians and their property. The Russian Defense Ministry’s Hmeimim Center for Reconciliation said the Russian military police began to secure neighborhoods on Thursday and set up checkpoints and surveillance.

For his part, spokesman for the Army of Islam Hamza Birakdar that the forces of the Syrian regime will not always enter, and will be the management of Russian police Chechen and left the people of the city, asserting that his faction did not deliver heavy weapons to the Syrian regime, but completely destroyed.

It is expected that the evacuation of the Army of Islam fighters and those who wish to be civilians will end in the next 48 hours.

In this regard, the Russian Defense Ministry said that more than 17 thousand militants and their families have always left since the beginning of this month, while the total of those who left the eastern Ghouta about 170 thousand.

The situation in the eastern Ghouta is moving towards stability, and 250 people have so far returned to their homes, Russian media quoted the center as saying on Thursday.

Russia imposed the deal on Duma after a fierce military campaign, and was invariably hit last Saturday with toxic gas bombs that killed dozens of people and prompted Washington to threaten a military response to the regime.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the completion of the Syrian government control over the entire area of ​​the eastern Ghouta, including the city of Douma, said in a statement that the Syrian flag was raised above the “always a declaration of the full restoration of the control of the militants,

She added that the deployment of the Russian military police in the city of Duma comes in implementation of the agreement with the faction of the Army of Islam, which requires the exit of militants and their families from the city to be taken by the Russian military police to maintain security.