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Egypt, Cyprus and Greece are preparing to face Turkey

EGYPT (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Turkish newspaper “The Economist” that the recent Turkish frictions, which was the downing of a Greek plane, off the coast of the island of Skyros, was not the first Turkish violation of Greek airspace.

The newspaper said in a report on Friday that disputes over the airspace, sea borders and gas fields poisoning the relations between Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean countries, on the other hand, explaining that the discoveries of reserves of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, which once formed The key to peace in the region has raised many Turkish conflicts and abuses against a number of countries as well as Greece.

Earlier this year, its warships blocked a platform of the Italian energy company to explore gas to the east of the island, which is divided between the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot south and the Turkish-controlled northern part of the island.

The newspaper added that Turkey collided with Egypt, which recently agreed to develop some gas fields in cooperation with Cyprus.

Matt Breza, a former White House official, said the region now faces mounting geopolitical tensions. Ankara is deepening its isolation with hostile moves, pointing out that there is a new axis emerging between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece to confront Turkey.

The magazine pointed out that the tripartite axis was reflected in several tripartite summits between the leaders of the three countries, pointing out that there are preparations for the sixth summit between President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, which will be hosted by Cairo later this month.

The summit, which is being hosted by Cairo ahead of another summit in which Italy will participate side by side with the three countries and is held in Crete, Greece’s largest island this year, is for broader partnerships.

The Cairo summit will be held on April 30 and will focus on coordination and cooperation in the fields of trade, economy, culture and tourism, among others, within the framework of the development agenda that benefits each other and helps achieve stability and peace.

Egypt is always committed to coordination with Cyprus and Greece in the face of the current challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as exploring new agreements in the fields of gas, economy, tourism and regional security.