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Erdogan: Ankara does not want to give up anything in the Syrian file

TURKEY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Ankara is not ready to give up these three things: its alliance with the United States, its partnership with Russia and its cooperation with Iran. This is said Thursday, April 12, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a speech before a crowd of his supporters.

“We have no desire to do without our alliance with the United States, nor our strategic relations with Russia in the economic and security fields, nor those with Iran to solve regional problems”, said the Turkish president.

In his speech, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to deck his Syrian counterpart with the image of a president who deliberately kills his people by resorting to chemical weapons. He called on the whole world to stand up against Assad, saying, “I hope to see everyone united against Assad.”

“As I discussed with the US President Donald Trump the day before the chemical attack in Duma, I will also talk with my Russian homogeneous,” said President Erdogan.

“Our relations with Russia, Iran and China are not an alternative to our alliance with the United States, but they are complementary,” he said.

On Wednesday night, the Turkish president spoke on the phone with his US counterpart. According to the Anadolu news agency, the two men, during the discussion, stressed the importance of international military action against Syria. This is in line with the usual rhetoric of the Turkish president who, in previous speeches, promised not to engage directly or indirectly in a US-led military campaign in Syria.