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Erdogan believes that Washington has lost “the role of mediator” in the Middle East

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that the United States had lost “the role of mediator” in the Middle East by moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“We reject once again this resolution, which violates international law and UN resolutions,” Erdogan told a news conference at the Chatham House think-tank on the second day of a visit to London. “The United States has chosen to take this decision as a party to the conflict, The role of mediator in the peace process “in the Middle East.

“The international community must play its role as soon as possible and intervene quickly to end the growing Israeli aggression,” he said.

“The establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is the only way to lasting peace and stability,” Erdogan said.

The United States launched its new embassy in Jerusalem on Monday in accordance with US President Donald Trump’s decision, which Israel called the “historic” but challenging the international community in a period of instability in the region.

In his speech, Erdogan also criticized another decision by Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran. “The nuclear agreement is an important development that must be preserved,” he said, adding that “constructive engagement with Iran” and “political dialogue with Iran are beneficial to the international community.”

On the European Union, Erdogan said that “full adherence remains our strategic goal” and strongly condemns the “politicization” of the process that is facing his country, especially since it has been trying to join the Union since 1963.

– Official visit –

Erdogan on Sunday began a three-day official visit to Britain over the post-Brexit period and the country’s attempt to find new trading partners.

Queen Elizabeth II will receive him on Tuesday in an honor that has not sparked any protests, while a public visit to Donald Trump has provoked resentment.

But Erdogan’s visit was not without protests. 15 Kurds gathered in front of Chatham House in a fashionable London neighborhood, chanting “Erdogan Vashy” and “Erdogan terrorist” denouncing Turkish military operations against Kurds in Syria.

Another demonstration is expected to be held on Tuesday at Downing Street when Erdogan meets Prime Minister Teresa Mae, this time to defend freedom of the press in Turkey at the request of Reporters Without Borders, which seeks to defend the rights of journalists.

The two officials will discuss the development of trade between the two countries while Britain prepares to leave the EU in March 2019. Erdogan said on Sunday that “we are ready to cooperate more with Britain after Brexit in all fields.”

In 2017, bilateral trade between Turkey and Britain reached 14 billion pounds (15.8 billion euros), according to figures from the British National Statistics Office.

Erdogan’s visit comes weeks before the June 24 presidential and legislative elections in Turkey. Erdogan, who has dominated Turkey’s political landscape for the past 15 years, wants to extend his authority through these elections, which will lead to a presidential system with a broad authority.

Erdogan began his first day with three Turkish and Turkish footballers, Arsenal’s Massoud Ozil, Jank Tosson of Everton and Manchester City’s Elkay Kundogan, according to pictures published by the Anatolia news agency.