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EU foreign ministers think about new sanctions against Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe foreign ministers of the EU countries announced the possibility of imposing new sanctions for the chemical attack against the civilian population, but they did not join the new restrictive measures against Russia.

After the missile strikes against objects in Syria by the US, France and the UK, the EU foreign ministers discussed in Luxembourg further steps to isolate the Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

The statement of EU foreign ministers says that the EU will consider further restrictive measures against the Syrian authorities, as long as the repression continues.

Officials supported the air strikes of Washington, London and Paris on Syria as measures to stop the use of chemical weapons.

“It is very important to emphasize that (these blows) are not an attempt to reverse the course of the war or lead to a regime change,” said British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The British minister also expressed fear that the Syrian war would continue.

Any new sanctions against Assad will be based on the restrictive measures already taken by the EU since 2011, starting with the arms embargo and banning deals with the Syrian Central Bank and ending with travel bans and freezing assets of officials, military, businessmen and scientists from Syria who accused of developing chemical weapons.