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EU wants to maintain a customs union with Britain

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The European Union can offer Britain closer relations after Brexit, if Prime Minister Theresa May decides to remain in the customs union of the bloc, Reuters reports citing diplomatic sources.

The EU hopes that London can change its position on what ties it wants after Brexit, after the upper house of the British parliament challenged the government on a key bill concerning May’s plan to withdraw from the customs union.

Diplomats and officials in Brussels almost did not achieve anything in the Brexit talks since the last meeting of EU leaders in March. Then, May received a green light from her 27 colleagues to begin negotiations on the future relationship of the two sides.

The deadlock is largely due to the fact that Brussels and London have so far outlined controversial positions in their new deal after Brexit.

Britain says it will exit the single EU market and the customs union after Brexit. The EU believes that the only possible basis for future cooperation between the UK and the bloc is a trade agreement.

But the House of Lords last week decided to challenge May’s refusal to preserve the customs union after Brexit. Voting on this issue in the lower house of parliament should take place next month.