EU wants to return smartphones to the past

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — EU officials have prepared a proposal, the conversion of which into law threatens to create big problems for smartphone manufacturers.

This is a new mandatory requirement for the design of gadgets: batteries should be changed so simply that users can replace them themselves.

This writes with reference to a document available to the publisher, the Dutch edition of Het Financieele Dagblad.

The authors of the idea argue that this will be better both for the owners of the phones and for the environment – people will stop changing devices every two years if they can just buy a new battery.

In addition, the plan includes the creation of a pan-European system for the collection and recycling of used batteries and electronic devices, as well as an obligation for manufacturers to use more environmentally friendly packaging for their gadgets.

Even 10 years ago, almost all smartphones had removable batteries, and only Apple released the iPhone, the batteries in which had to be replaced in service centers or, losing the warranty, on their own – but after acquiring a set of special tools. But by 2014, Samsung followed the path of Apple, and most other manufacturers followed it.

The main reason for this was the fashion for premium body materials – glass and metal. Unlike flexible plastic, making them an easily removable lid is much more difficult.

In addition, the monolithic case, which is almost impossible to disassemble at home, makes it easier to protect your smartphone from water and dust.

If the requirement for mandatory easy replacement of batteries comes into force, manufacturers will either have to sacrifice the design and waterproof of smartphones, or look for new (possibly expensive) ways to combine elegant appearance with premium batteries.


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