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Europeans say they want to preserve nuclear deal with Iran

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†While the Iranian Foreign Minister has just received in Brussels what Europe calls a “package of his proposals” to save the nuclear deal, the chairman of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran is Paris. Kamal Kharazi, who was attending a meeting of the “Leaders for Peace” foundation, spoke with Jean-Pierre Raffarin, president of the foundation and former French prime minister.

Kharazi returned to the US withdrawal of the Iran / 5 + 1 agreement signed in 2015, affirming the importance of the European response to “this flagrant violation of international law”.

Suffering the whims of the White House or standing up to American pressure and demonstrating independence of action is the dilemma that Europe faces. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran is yet another example of the United States’ systematic disengagement from international agreements in defiance of laws and international law. The Americans have set the same fate for the Paris agreement, signed in 2016. The United States does not attach importance to decisions taken unanimously via international bodies, said Kharazi.

“Trump’s reversal of the nuclear deal is a testament to one thing: the mechanisms in place are no longer effective, and urgent reform is needed,” he added.

The guarantees that Iran demands

Iran has just given Europe a few weeks to provide “guarantees”, if it wants the nuclear deal to survive the blow of the Americans. As for guarantees, the diplomatic sources list them as follows:

– Iran demands that Europe condemns Washington’s decision to the Security Council insofar as it shakes the foundations of international law.

– The PGAC has been a deal and it should remain so. European guarantees should allow the continuation of banking transactions between Iran and Europe in the same way as the continued sale of Iranian oil and European investments in Iran.

– Negotiations with Europe will have to be completed within a certain period of time, at most a few weeks (between 45 to 60 days). It is out of the question for Iran to negotiate with Europe, as it negotiated the PGAC.