Ex-director of the FBI said that he still does not know the reason for his dismissal

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Former FBI director James Comey said on ABC television that he still does not know the reason for his dismissal.

“I do not know,” Comey said, answering the question of the leaders about the reasons for his dismissal.

Earlier Wednesday, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that “the slippery James Comey, the worst FBI director in history, was not fired because of a faked investigation into Russia where, by the way, there was no collusion.”

“I did not sign on his Twitter, but I saw this message,” Comey said. According to him, the important value of America is that the president should be honest. However, according to Comey, he does not see this in the president Trump.

Comey was appointed to the post of director of the FBI in 2013 on the proposal of President Barack Obama. In 2016, during the election campaign in the US, Comey was in the middle of a scandal when he investigated the activities of ex-Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Initially, the FBI did not find any criminal intent that Clinton used a personal mail server for official correspondence. However, shortly before the elections, the investigation resumed according to newly discovered circumstances. Later Clinton said that including such actions of the FBI and Comey led to its defeat in the elections.

President Trump, having taken power, left the Comey in office, but in May 2017, he dismissed him, calling him “an ineffective leader.” Opponents of the head of state attributed this to the investigation of the “interference of the Russian Federation” in the elections in the US and the “Russian” ties of Trump’s entourage, which led the FBI. Komi himself later said that Trump had asked him for devotion in the context of this investigation.

The Comey in the past many times refused to say whether there is an investigation against Trump or not, while Trump publicly referred to Comey’s words that there was no such investigation. From the silence of the Comey, most media, especially those critical of Trump, concluded that the US president was under investigation for “collusion with Russia” in the elections. The FBI ex-director subsequently admitted in his book that he assured Trump in the absence of an investigation against him.