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EXCLUSIVE: Syrian boy reveals details of filming of “chemical attack” video in Duma

SYRIA, DUMA (OBSERVATORY via SPUTNIK) –┬áThe Syrian boy Hassan Diab, presented by the White Helmets as a person touched by the alleged chemical attack on April 7 in Douma, told a Russian journalist how the video on “the attack” was filmed.

There was no “chemical attack” in Duma, a suburb of Damascus, on April 7 and people who “would have been affected by a chemical agent” were invited by the White Helmets, said Wednesday Hassan Diab, an 11 year old boy who appeared in the video.

“We were in a basement. Mom told me there was nothing to eat and that we would eat tomorrow. We heard screaming in the street, shouting “Go to the hospital”. We ran to the hospital and as soon as I walked in, I was caught and started to splash water. Then we were put on beds next to other people, “the boy told Rossiya television channel 24.

The war correspondent of the channel, Yevgeny Poddubny, noted that the boy had been forced to shoot in this video.

“The child had nothing to eat. He was given rice, dates and biscuits for this shoot, “said the reporter.

Hassan’s father confirmed this story, adding that there had been no chemical attack in the city.

“When I heard that my child was in the hospital, I asked to be absent from work to go. I smoked outside, I did not feel anything. I went to the hospital and saw my family. The extremists donated dates, biscuits and rice to the participants in this shoot before letting us go home. My child was doing fine,” said the man.

The correspondent Evgeni Poddubny published a report on Instagram where he shows the hospital ward that served as a filming location for the White Helmets.

“The hospital was treating several people with carbon monoxide poisoning because that day there were several fires in Duma. Suddenly, extremists shouting “Chemical Attack” came running into the hospital. They brought their actors to the floor and began to sprinkle them with water. This served as a pretext for a strike against Syria by the United States, the United Kingdom and France,” said the reporter in the report.

Correspondents from the American channel One America News Network also went to Douma. They interviewed the doctors at the hospital, which had been used as the location for the alleged chemical attack, as well as residents of Duma.

Nobody has confirmed that the alleged attack took place in the city, said a live presenter of One America News Network. He announced that he had questioned about ten residents. “They said that that day everything was going as usual in this neighborhood and they did not notice anything unusual,” the journalist noted. He has interviewed 40 or 50 other people in other areas of Duma, but no one has heard of a chemical attack.

The US correspondent also visited the place where the attack would have occurred, but he found no evidence. He then went to the extremist-controlled hospital and entered the room that had been shown in the videos and where there were people affected by the “chemical attack”.

A doctor, who was on duty on April 7, told him “it was a day like any other, but there was a lot of dust. Many people complained of coughing, but there were no other wounds. And suddenly, a group of strangers shouting that a chemical attack had occurred, burst into the room. They brought people, suspected wounded, and began to sprinkle them with water. The doctors were examining these people and the strangers who had brought the wounded, started filming everything.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense had previously presented a video interview of filming participants. The doctors at the hospital state that “none of the people brought to the hospital showed signs of poisoning by toxic agents”.