Experts of the new UN mechanism received 750,000 pages of ATS documents

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMore than 750,000 pages of documentation with evidence of events in Syria received experts from the new UN fact-finding body on crimes committed during the conflict in the country over the past year. This was reported by the head of the new mechanism, Catherine Marsi-Uel. According to her, the database will only grow.

“While the evidence management system is not fully operational, I am informing you that the mechanism has introduced a temporary system of equipment for the safe storage of digital certificates and to some extent physical evidence.” The mechanism began collecting materials from various sources .We have already collected more than three-fourths of a million pages of documentation and we will significantly increase our collection in the coming weeks, “Marsi-Uel said at an informal meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss the first report of the mechanism.

The UN General Assembly in December 2016 approved the creation of an international, impartial and independent mechanism to facilitate investigations of those responsible for the most serious crimes under international law in Syria committed in the Republic since March 2011.

“The mechanism continues to work with various players, beginning with the civil society, and we put priority on working with Syrian non-governmental organizations, we intend to support bilateral communication, to respond so that the voices of the victims are heard,” the head of the mechanism said.

Regarding the work with non-governmental organizations, which according to Marsha-Uele “are the probable sources of materials,” they were sent questionnaires “to get a comprehensive overview of the type, amount, format and content of the materials they collected.”