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Fifteen people were killed in a raid in eastern Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Afghan government announced on Sunday, killing at least 15 militants belonging to the Daesh and Taliban organization in a US drone strike in the province (Nangarhar), eastern Afghanistan.

“US forces based in Afghanistan launched an air strike on the Hasaka Mina area yesterday, killing at least 15 militants, without causing any casualties among local residents,” local media quoted Afghan army sources as saying.

Meanwhile, an Afghan army source said at least three militants were killed during a clash between Afghan forces and Taliban militants in Watapur district of Kunar province.

Armed groups opposed to the Afghan government, including the Taliban and the Daesh organization, have not commented on the news so far.

This comes at a time when Afghan forces are conducting counter-terrorism operations against the Taliban and the organization of the Daash and other armed groups in various regions of the country.