Fishermen in India caught a giant stingray

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — In the Indian state of West Bengal, a fish weighing about 900 kg was caught – a striped flying slope ( lat.Aetomylaeus nichofii ). These representatives of cartilaginous fish live in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and other waters to a depth of 70 m.

Striped flying slopes are not the target of fishing, but their meat can be used as food, and some parts are in demand in traditional Asian medicine. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) assigned the species a vulnerable status, but this did not significantly affect the catch of these cartilaginous fish.

Typically, local fishermen catch fish whose weight does not exceed 5 kg. People who first met such a giant believe that the ramp for some reason was disoriented, lost its usual route and sailed in shallow water, from where it could not return to the open sea due to strong waves.

When the ramp was pulled ashore, it became a whole event for local residents, and one of the merchants immediately bought the fish. He paid 20,000 rupees ($ 270) and plans to resell stingrays in Calcutta four times more expensive.


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