For information about the man who threatened the lover of Trump, offered a reward

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áPorn actress’s lawyer, Stormy Daniels, offered a reward of $ 100,000 to someone who has information about a man who threatened her.

“We know that someone knows something,” warned attorney Michael Avenatti on ABC television.

The program featured a portrait of a man composed of porn actresses (her real name is Stephanie Clifford). She said that this young man threatened her and her newborn daughter in 2011, demanding “to leave Trump alone”. To the question of the leaders about how she managed to remember it so well, Stormie said that she paid attention to him in the parking lot before he approached her car: “I thought: handsome, probably someone’s husband.”

When asked why she slept with Trump, although she did not like him, Stormy replied that she could not refuse him. According to her, he did not offer her money for sex. Previously, she said that the intimate relationship occurred by mutual consent (the result was to be her participation in the Trump show) and that she was “not a victim.”

Relations between the actress and Trump began a year after his marriage to Melanie Trump in 2006.Earlier in the interview, the porn star had suggested that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had been involved in her intimidation. The Wall Street Journal reported with reference to the source that Cohen paid 130 thousand dollars to the actress in the framework of the agreement on the non-disclosure of her connection with the president. The White House denied this information. Later, Cohen confirmed that he paid Daniels, but did not say why the payment was made. Last week, the FBI searched the office and hotel room of a lawyer and confiscated a number of documents.