France prepares for coronavirus epidemic

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The first Frenchman died from a coronavirus in Paris. Two weeks earlier, a fatal case from infection was recorded in the country, but it was a citizen from China. Two more Frenchmen added to the list of infected.

Over the past night in France, two additional cases of infection with a new coronavirus were recorded.

“In the three new cases that we registered overnight – a French citizen of 55 years old, he was hospitalized in Amiens. The patient is in serious condition and is now in intensive care. An investigation is underway. Another case is a 36-year-old Frenchman who was hospitalized in Strasbourg: He returned from Lombardy with no clear signs of illness, he is examining the list of people he has been in contact with.

Another case is a French citizen 60 years old. He underwent an urgent test yesterday in a Paris hospital. th state, and, unfortunately, died during the night,” said the director of the French Health Department Jérôme Salomon.

Doctors at a hospital in Strasbourg said the case of a 36-year-old patient is not a concern. But the man in Amiens could not be diagnosed for a long time, time was lost, and now he is in an extremely serious condition. In total, on Wednesday morning the number of people infected in the country amounted to 17 people.

France is preparing for an epidemic, said Health Minister Olivier Veran. In this regard, the government has already placed an order for an additional tens of millions of medical masks. Demand these days has grown to half a billion, and on ordinary days about 150 million copies are sold.

The French government is in no hurry to make a decision to close the borders, considering it premature. Even despite the fact that these days tourists from Italy are returning from Italy , which is currently the most affected country in Europe.

Former French presidential candidate Segolene Royal said on Wednesday that in the context of the spread of coronavirus, she does not understand the decision of the authorities to allow about 3,000 Juventus fans to travel from Italy to Lyon for the Champions League match.

The response was a statement by the mayor of Lyon, Gerard Colon, that he would personally be in the stands during the match, without a mask. A number of politicians previously demanded control over the borders with Italy, including mayors of border cities and the head of the party, National Association Marine Le Pen.

“The issue of restricting freedom of movement or introducing border controls will be discussed Thursday morning at a meeting with the prime minister. Edward Philippe invited leaders of all political parties to discuss measures to counter the spread of the virus,” said Le Pen.

The first death in Europe from a disease caused by coronavirus was also recorded in France – an 80-year-old tourist from China died 10 days ago. Perhaps the sad statistics will be supplemented by another tourist from China: on Wednesday morning he was found dead in one of the hotels on the Cote d’Azur. So far, the cause of death has not been established, but the hotel was quarantined until the completion of the investigative measures.


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