France strongly criticizes Russia for the alleged chemical attack in Syria

UNITED NATIONS (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe UN Security Council on Monday launched a sharp attack on Russia over the alleged chemical attack on the opposition city of Douma in Damascus, which accuses Western countries of backing Assad’s regime.

“The Russian and Iranian military support is on the ground and at all levels of the Syrian war machine, and no Syrian aircraft takes off without being informed of the Russian ally,” French ambassador to the United Nations Francois Slater said, stressing that the attack on Douma occurred either with tacit or explicit consent From Russia or against its will and military presence.”

French President Emmanuel Macron and his US counterpart Donald Trump pledged on Sunday a “strong joint response” to the alleged chemical attack that killed dozens in the city of Douma, the White House said.

Paris has repeatedly threatened to strike Syrian military targets if chemical weapons are proven to be used against civilians.