France we will intervene if the “red line” in Syria is proved to be over

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áParis will respond if forces supporting the Syrian government prove to have carried out a deadly chemical attack in the eastern town of Douma at the weekend, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

The issue of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is a thorny issue for French President Emmanuel Macron, who warned that the use of chemical weapons in murder represents a “red line” that could provoke a French reaction, even if it is unilateral.

His aides said the military response depended on French intelligence providing evidence of the use of lethal chemical agents and deaths, and stressed that the rapid response would likely be in coordination with the United States.

“The president has repeatedly said that if the red line is crossed and proven by the actor, it will lead to a response,” Benjamin Grevo told Europe 1 radio station.

McCron spoke with US President Donald Trump for the second time in two days on Monday after the two presidents agreed that a chemical weapon had been used. A Syrian medical relief group said at least 60 people, including women and children, had been killed.