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Full text of French intelligence report on alleged Syrian gas attacks

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áSeveral media outlets published a report of the French intelligence, which was declassified, on Saturday, April 14, containing a technical analysis of allegations of gas attacks in Syria, writes Sputnik news agency.

The report included an analysis of techniques for available sources, and intelligence information described as “documented”, which allegedly shows the involvement of forces of the Syrian government in the implementation of a chemical attack on the city of Duma on 7 April.

“The information gathered by France is a collection of evidence sufficient to hold the Syrian regime responsible for chemical attacks on April 7, after the French authorities analyzed testimonies, photographs and videos,” the report said.

The report claimed that he accuses the Syrian government of involvement in the attacks, because “the continuation of military operations in the eastern Gauta makes us believe with a high degree of certainty that the Syrian regime bears responsibility.”

And alleged that it had intelligence on the coordination of Syrian military officials, the use of chemical weapons containing chlorine in Duma on 7 April.

Syria has denied on more than one occasion the existence of any chemical weapons under the control of the Syrian government, and President Bashar al-Assad said that talk about “Western blackmail.”

On the accusation of Damascus using chemical weapons, Assad described the accusations as “in the context of the Western lie,” asserting that “Syria abandoned chemical weapons since 2013.”

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said, it is unclear why Paris remained, so far silent on the alleged secret program to Damascus on chemical weapons since 2013, and the contents of the confidential report.

“According to this report, I have seen it quickly, and I reiterate, this is the secret report of France , which has just been published. According to this report, Damascus , from 2013, is conducting secret programs ,” said Zakharova. particular for the production of chemical weapons. Where was France, where the official representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the President? Where was the Permanent Representative of France in the Security Council? why keep silent all this time?”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry also responded to the allegations by saying that it was an attempt by the media wing of the Army of Islam to fabricate those accusations and to attach them to the Syrian army, in an open and failed attempt to block its progress, according to the Syrian news agency SANA.