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G7 countries begin a new investigation against Russia

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe G-7 countries are starting a new investigation against Russia. Today the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Velikobritania, Boris Johnson, announced the creation of a special group that will study the “bad behavior of our country and its harmful impact on global politics.” It would be funny if, really, it was not so sad. Such rhetoric explains very much – there is no desire for dialogue.

There is a desire to get everyone to play by their own rules in any way. And it is not accidental that the former architect, now the British Defense Minister, called Russia the main threat to his country. All this is not easy words – this is already the weapon of this “Cold War”.

Not a forecast, not a horror story, but a dry statement of fact. The UN Secretary-General decided to personally warn: we again live in the years of the Cold War.

Exactly the same today said Sergei Lavrov. There are quite specific forces that are breaking the existing order of the world order. The latest example is the recent blow to Syria.

The fact that Syria is about to be provoked by the Russian side warned long before the events in the Duma. States and France at different times had time to say: Assad has no chemical weapons. But as soon as the “White Helmets” broke into the hospital and poured water on several patients, like Washington, London and Paris still attacked the government Syrian forces.

And the Arab Republic is not the only front where an information war is being waged. Britain today had to show evidence of Russia’s guilt in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. This was not done. What is not surprising – because the substance that was poisoned, could produce anywhere. Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus say that they were personally confirmed by the head of the OPCW – he, however, was confident that he was talking with the Polish prime minister.

Instead of facts and evidence, the British police and security services show the press a smeared fotobot that is not clear to anyone. Ostensibly here is depicted the secret Russian agent Gordon, who directed the mission of hired assassins. Drawn from the words of another defector, by the way, obsessed with conspiracy theories. In general – the next “highli lycli.”

Curiously, for the first time in the political context, the term “Cold War”, invented by the writer anti-utopian George Orwell, was used exactly 71 years ago – in April 1947. It was used in his speech by US President Truman’s adviser Bernard Baruch, to indicate the conflict that began at that time between the United States and the USSR.

By the way, it was Baruch who was among the first to understand the danger of this conflict and one of the first to propose the first plan for nuclear disarmament, which was rejected. As a result, he was accused of being deeply isolated from the general line of US foreign policy.

Judging by what is happening now, the situation over the past decades has changed little. And although officially the end of the Cold War was announced in 1992, it seems that no one was going to stop it. Then all the plans were put on hold.