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George Soros is not “ready to accept the result of the Hungarian legislative elections”

HUNGARY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†While the party headed by Viktor Orban, known for his anti-immigration policy line and sometimes at odds with EU ideas, won a large victory in the recent Hungarian legislative elections, George Soros was accused by the government interference in the affairs of the country.

The Hungarian government has once again warned of the threat George Soros posed to the country, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said on Tuesday that Mr Soros had not accepted the election result and would continue to meddle in the affairs of the country in order to adapt it to its pro-immigration agenda.

“The events of recent days have clearly shown that George Soros was not ready to accept the outcome of the Hungarian parliamentary elections,” Kovacs said on April 17 in Budapest.

Mr Kovacs stressed that besides encouraging anti-government demonstrations throughout Hungary, Mr Soros was trying to question the legitimacy of the elections.

“It is absolutely clear that we can count on representatives and organizations of the Soros empire: they will try to break Hungary and will try to abandon the anti-immigration point of view of the country and force a permanent distribution mechanism that would push tens of thousands of immigrants into the [EU Member States, ed]. This solution was prepared by the EU institutions last June through the so-called Dublin IV reforms,” he continued.

The spokesman also reaffirmed Budapest’s opposition to the EU’s proposals to spread the migrants and said that the Hungarian electorate had expressed its anti-immigration stance through the elections held this month. this.

“The election has clearly defined the path that Hungary must follow in the fight against migration,” Kovacs said.

Budapest accused Mr Soros of hiring some 2,000 people to influence the parliamentary elections. The ruling party Fidesz and its coalition partner are trying to ban its groups, such as the Open Society Foundation.

The anti-Soros law still has to be passed by parliament but Prime Minister Orban hopes the bill will limit the influence of the US-Hungarian financier in the country’s internal affairs.

Hungary is one of those EU Member States opposed to the massive reception of migrants advocated by German Chancellor Merkel.

In 2015, Hungary chose to build gates along its border with Serbia and Croatia to prevent migrants en route to Western European countries from entering the country.