George Soros: Trojan horse of destabilization

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — Hungarian-American investor and Jewish tycoon George Soros is once again in the spotlight thanks to a viral video claiming that Soros is behind the financing of the National Women’s Strike on March 9th.

The video says that Soros is not sponsoring such an initiative for the first time: he previously financed similar events in other countries.

“This person has a lot of money, and he takes advantage of the situation to destabilize the country,” the young man says in a video. And he adds: “He is responsible for carrying out these mass actions. Soros is the Trojan horse of destabilization. ” A businessman called such information false.

According to the US Associated Press, Laura Silver, director of the liaison department of the Open Society Foundations Foundation, explained that neither George Soros nor the Open Society Foundations foundations sponsored the organizers of the national strike and did not directly participate in it.

“The foundation supports a wide range of organizations that advocate for women’s rights, financial justice, and that oppose femicide. Some of them may be planning to take part in the protests, but they do so of their own free will, like anyone who defends rights and justice, ”explained the management of the fund.

“This is simply not true, and people in Mexico and around the world who are just exercising their democratic rights suffer from such videos,” the guide added. Many users on social networks spoke out about such manipulations through financial support. Some say the strike is the work of Soros, who in turn manipulates women and that feminism is a political movement.

Others believe that feminists should not participate in the game of Soros, Mexican and American conservatives.

Another user said that Las Brujas del Mar (the movement responsible for organizing the strike) received financial support from Felipe Calderón, the Open Foundation and George Soros, to destabilize the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Soros is known for his strong support for the rights of the LGBT community, racial and religious minorities and sex workers. He also advocated the legalization of drugs, the right to abortion and the development of the former Soviet bloc.

At one time, he even financed the presidential campaign of John Kerry in the United States. It is also believed that the investor participated in movements such as the Black Lives Matter, which advocated for non-violence against the African American community in the United States, and supported the independence of Catalonia.


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