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Germany: No review of deal with Iran

GERMANY (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe German Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that Berlin refused to review the nuclear deal with Iran, noting the importance of this agreement for Germany.

“For us it is still clear that our highest priority is to maintain the nuclear agreement and its full implementation by all parties,” said ministry spokesman Rainer Bruehl.

Asked whether Germany believed Iran was meeting the terms of the nuclear deal, Bruell said yes.

“The nuclear deal has been negotiated between seven countries and the European Union, and it is impossible to renegotiate it. But under the nuclear agreement, it is also clear that we want to be confident that Iran’s nuclear program serves purely peaceful purposes.”

Referring to French President Emmanuel Macaron’s proposal for an additional agreement with Tehran to resolve the problem, the German ministry spokesman said: “We have to look at this proposal calmly, the question is about the conditions under which Iran would be prepared for such a process.” He said his country remained “in close and constructive contact within the European tripartite (Germany, Britain, France) and with the United States.”

In July 2015, Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, Britain, China, the United States, France) and Germany reached an agreement to settle Tehran’s nuclear file, which requires lifting international, American and European sanctions on Iran in return for reducing its uranium enrichment program.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the deal with Iran, saying it does not guarantee that Tehran will not have nuclear weapons in the future. The White House recently confirmed that Washington had made “significant progress” in its contacts with France, Britain and Germany on reviewing the agreement.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced at a joint press conference with Trump on Tuesday that Paris was ready to work with Washington on a “new agreement”