Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic welcome the victory of Urban in the Hungarian elections

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – German Interior Minister Horst Zehover welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urban’s victory in the election on Monday and urged the European Union to abandon what it called a “policy of arrogance and favors” toward smaller countries like Hungary.

Zehover said the election results demonstrated the extent of Urban’s support among the Hungarian people. He is a member of the old Christian Social Union party of Urban.

He advised the EU to pursue “logical” relations with Hungary and other smaller countries in the bloc.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Urban and said she would work with his new government despite their differences on immigration.

“This policy of arrogance and preference toward member states has always been wrong,” he told reporters before a meeting of the party leadership.

In Warsaw, the deputy foreign minister and Poland’s envoy to the European Union said Orban’s victory in Sunday’s election was a policy of liberalization in central Europe.

When asked what it means for Urban to win the union, Konrad Shomansky told TV-24-TV “it is a policy of liberation in Central Europe.”

“Freedom is not aimed at fighting anyone but to emphasize that Central Europe is a constructive partner in Europe and in the European Union.”

In Prague, Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Papić congratulated Urban on the “booby-trapped” electoral victory and said on Twitter he was looking forward to future cooperation between the two countries.

Urban won for a third straight term after the anti-immigration coalition, which has a strong majority in parliament, achieved preliminary results.