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Gravity is a lie: Conspiracy scientists revealed the “terrible secret” of scientists

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – April 28 in English Birmingham was a convention of the British Society of Flat Earth.

At the meeting, “experts” discussed the most important issues of modern science, in particular, the diamond-shaped form of what was formerly considered the “Earth disk”, as well as the boundaries of the Flat Earth.

One of the central issues of the discussion was the absence of gravity on the planet.

An independent “scientist” was able to prove that there is no World Gravity by using an application for a smartphone that tracks the motion of planets in the solar system.

As a result, it was established that the Earth does not rotate around the Sun, but hangs in the cosmos motionless.

In addition, the “scientists” were able to prove the rhombic form of the Flat Earth. Objects do not fall off its edges thanks to instant teleportation to the other side of the rhombus.

In general, the conference participants expressed a sharp distrust to the world governments, stating that they hide from people information about the Earth and the cosmos.