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Greece warns Turkey: We are not Syria or Iraq

GREECE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kosias responded to recent statements by the Turkish leadership on the disputed island of Kardak by saying that his country was “not Syria or Iraq.”

In a statement to the Greek Radio 7/24, Kosias said the Turkish authorities claimed that they had illegally owned the Kurdish island of Kardak, known in Greece as Emia, since 1996.

Kosias said that Turkey should not exceed its borders in the Aegean Sea under international law, stressing that Greece is a more organized country than Syria and Iraq, which Turkey used the opportunity to enter their territory.

Commenting on the landing of the Greek flag on the rocky island, Kosias said that the institutions of the state, including his ministry, must, first of all, and if a party initiated a particular case, it must consider what would follow the initiative. You can raise the flag but you have to think about how and when to take this step.

Kosias stressed that foreign policy is not managed as such, pointing out that it is not right to practice these things without coordination with the countries concerned and in a way that destroys its policy.

In response to a question about the statements made by the Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Greece, Dimitris Kushumbus, on the possibility of fierce clashes between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean Sea explained that the task of diplomacy to prevent military confrontations, useful that their cause is not confrontations that may occur at some point, but their task to prevent Without incident.

Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim accused Greece of “provocative” actions after raising the country’s flag on the disputed Kurdish island of Kardak.

Yildirim stressed that the Turkish coastguard is aware that his country expects everyone not to believe that it will relinquish its sovereign rights, stressing that Turkey is “determined to respond appropriately to events that target its sovereignty under any circumstances.”

Relations between Greece and Turkey have been strained over the past weeks due to disputes over the border between the two countries in the Aegean Sea, oil and gas exploration rights off the Greek Cypriot coast, Turkish authorities arresting two Greek soldiers for spying as Greek authorities continue to refuse to hand over Turkey. After the failed coup attempt in mid-2016.