Greece will continue to demand reparations from Germany

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Greece does not consider resolved the issue of Germany paying military reparations and compensation for damage caused in World War II and returning the occupation loan, said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday after the meeting of the National Council on Foreign Policy. His statement was circulated by the Foreign Ministry press service.

“I informed the members of the Foreign Policy Council of the Greek response to the German government regarding the requirement for reparations and compensation and the payment of an occupation loan,” Dendias said.

“The Greek answer to the German side is that for Greece this issue is not considered resolved. Our claims remain valid and presented, we convey this in all tones,” the minister said.

Dendias said that he had informed the council about the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the “provocative actions of Turkey”, unfounded and legally untenable accusations.

“Nevertheless, I explained that Greece is still committed to maintaining open communication channels,” the Foreign Minister said.

“As for Libya, I informed about a series of contacts with third countries and the creation of a front of mutual understanding and common understanding of the gross violations of international law that are available in the agreements between Turkey and Tripoli,” he said.

Dendias also said that on February 24 in Thessaloniki there will be a meeting of foreign ministers of the Balkans and EU countries on the process of accession of the countries of the Western Balkans to the European Union.

Military reparations

The Parliament of Greece on April 17, 2019 adopted a resolution instructing the government to demand from Germany payment of military reparations – 309.5 billion euros for damage during the Second World War and 9.2 billion euros for the First World War.

In addition, Greece estimates compensation for the deaths and injuries of more than 107.2 billion euros.

The government also demands the return of stolen archaeological treasures and relics.

According to the report of the inter-party commission, on the basis of which the resolution was adopted, during the Second World War, Greece lost 558 thousand people killed, 880 thousand people became disabled. The victims of the war were 19.7% of the country’s population, which amounted to 7.335 million people in 1939.

On June 3, 2019, the Greek ambassador to Berlin handed a note to the German Foreign Ministry, in which the Greek government called on the German side to begin negotiations to resolve the unresolved issue of Germany paying military reparations and compensations.

Germany rejects all the demands of Athens. German officials say their country has already fulfilled its obligations by paying 115 million marks in 1960.

A few months ago, the fundamental publication “Claims for German Debts to Greece. From the First World War and World War II through Archival Documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” was published.

The author of the book, a Greek Foreign Ministry official, Aris Radiopoulos, told RIA Novosti that during the years of occupation, Greece was plundered, the Germans exported huge wealth, leaving a devastated country, and from the first day after the liberation of Athens they were financially dependent on Germany. This explains why the demands for reparations were not put forward in a rigid form before, he said.

In his opinion, the final amount of reparations should be determined when resolving the issue.


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