Guaido calls for a demonstration against Maduro on March 10

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, called on Friday for a demonstration to revive the protest movement in which he is seeking to topple President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido invited “women, students (and) unions” to join him in a demonstration in front of Parliament on March 10 to “find a solution to the crisis” and demand that “truly free elections” be organized.

Five years ago, Venezuela witnessed an economic recession, amid a record increase in poverty and inflation, which eliminated the purchasing power of Venezuelans and the emigration of millions from the country.

Guaido, the speaker of the National Assembly, had appointed himself in January 2019 as a transitional president after the Legislative Council considered Maduro “usurpers” of power and the elections in which he won a second “fraudulent” presidential term.

Maduro remained steadfast so far in the face of Guaido’s efforts to topple him, after the opposition’s mobilization decreased from what it was at the beginning of the protests that were broken out at the beginning of last year, massive demonstrations against the government amid a severe economic crisis that pushed millions of Venezuelans to emigrate.

Guaido, which is recognized by about fifty countries as transitional president, began on January 19 of this year in an international tour that took him to Colombia and a number of European countries, Canada and the United States.

He was received at the White House by US President Donald Trump who promised to eliminate the “tyranny” of socialist President Nicholas Maduro.


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