Hamas against the holding of the meeting of the Palestinian National Council

PALESTINE (OBSERVATORY) – “Our strategic priority now is to defeat the US” Century Accord “project,” said Hamas political bureau chairman.

According to the Palestine al-Yawm news website, Hamas political bureau chairman Ismail Haniyeh spoke in a speech on Monday (April 30th) to the decision of the head of the Autonomous Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. , to organize, this Monday evening, the meeting of the Palestinian National Council (CNP), with more than 100 absentees.

“Hamas condemns unilateral Fatah measures in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); the continuation of this situation could lead Hamas to take a new position to defend the Palestinian cause and the supreme interests of the Palestinians, “said Ismail Haniyeh.

“In the event that the PLO closes all the doors to the Palestinians, Hamas will be forced to reconsider its positions towards the organization,” he added.

Haniyeh spoke of the need to reconstitute State bodies and the Palestine Liberation Organization through national consensus and on the basis of all the national agreements and understandings of the past.

From the perspective of the Hamas political leader, the Palestinian Autonomous Authority will have separated its path from that of the Palestinian people, if it still avoids taking a firm and adequate position to re-establish national unity in the face of the occupation.

The holding of the meeting of the Palestinian National Council would be a conspiracy against the Palestinian people.

Referring to the strategic priority of defeating the so-called “agreement of the century”, Ismail Haniyeh called for a halt to all security cooperation with Israel in the West Bank, to allow the Palestinian people to continue their resistance and fight against the agreement of the century. He also denounced efforts to obliterate the Palestinian cause.

The head of the Hamas political bureau called for the immediate holding of the legislative elections, that of the Palestinian National Council as well as the elections for the presidency [of the Autonomous Authority] with the participation of all the Palestinian people.