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Hamas confirmed the death of 50 members of the movement in Gaza Strip protests

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Among more than 60 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli military forces on the border of the Gaza Strip on the opening day of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, 50 people were members of the Hamas movement.

This was reported by the Israeli newspaper Times of Israel referring to the representative of Hamas Salah Bardavila.

He said that “62 people were victims, 50 of them were representatives of Hamas.” Earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip reported 60 dead.

The army of the defense of Israel claimed that among the victims of the clashes 24 people are members of Hamas.

On Monday, May 14, a new US embassy was opened in Israel, which was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

On that day, mass protests were held on the border of the Gaza Strip, timed to coincide with the ceremony, as well as the anniversary of the founding of Israel. During the riots, more than 60 Palestinians were killed, at least 2 thousand were injured.

The next day in the West Bank, the clashes of Palestinians with the Israeli military began. On this day, a general strike is declared, in addition, on Tuesday the Palestinians remember the mass evictions of Arabs from Israeli territory.

On the eve of the Israeli Defense Army also said that its soldiers did not violate the rules when dispersing the demonstrators.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported the position of the Israeli Defense Army, saying that the military has the right to defend the borders of its state.